America. What is it?

The success of the organized right, (Heritage, Cato, Freedomworks, American Enterprise, etc,.) in demonizing the American Government is stunning in several ways.

FIRST: “America” IS our government, plain and simple. The rule of law and the vast expensive machinery that makes it work (more or less) is run by the government.

SECOND: The evil government regulations, so maligned and hated by the right’s echo chamber and politicians, are likely responsible for you and/or a loved one still being alive to read this. Literally. Created and enforced by the… government.

THIRD: Our standard of living isn’t some lucky happenstance of having just the right mix of hard working ‘mericans (essentially all directly descended from immigrants I might add). It’s our government keeping the monopolies in-check, brave progressives in our recent past suffered greatly as they created unions which forced our government to make the wealthy, inherently greedy, corporations play fair with living wages, overtime, vacation and sick leave, etc,.

Our beloved Constitution (which is more than just the 2nd amendment by the way) is a founding document of, can you guess, our GOVERNMENT!

I could go on of course, but you get the idea.

Really, Russia couldn’t have done a better job of undermining our country than these guys have. But they’ve apparently been working on it.

For further reading: A Day in the Life of Joe Conservative is short and puts it another way.

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