BLM Statement

AZ Resistors was founded to provide a space in North Phoenix for opponents of Donald Trump’s election to meet  regularly to share support for local candidates that oppose the policies being promulgated at the National level and embraced by  the majority of our state politicians. 

It is an understatement to say that Trump has validated our reason for being. From his sickening treatment of Latino immigrants and children to his embarrassing pandering to dictators, he has rolled out an endless rosary of repugnant policies whose effects have only been blunted by hapless execution from his appointees and massive opposition from groups that defend civil liberties. 

In this election year, Trump’s disastrous response to the corona virus, his pitiless regard for the virus’s devastation of our economy and his malicious reactions to countrywide demonstrations against the over-policing of our black citizens have yet again demonstrated the need for us to redouble our efforts to have him removed from office.

Scientific research and competent rollouts of COVID-19 vaccines and therapies will eventually yield results. Our economy will also recover in due course. But the over-policing of our black Americans and more critically, the underlying racism that has perpetuated the misery of black and brown Americans will be much harder to cure. In the civil rights era of the 60’s and 70’s it was vivid television images of the hateful treatment of school children and voting rights workers that sensitized  many Americans to finally take the damage being done by Jim Crow segregationist policies seriously. Much progress was made during that era. Progress that has been clawed back by initiatives against Affirmative Action, voter suppression efforts and the “privatization” of public education. 

Evidence from smart phones and security cameras and a long list of victims of police brutality provide us ample evidence for the reasons black Americans see the police as enforcers of white privilege, while most whites consider the police as protectors of public safety. 

We have a historical opportunity to make meaningful changes, both in how our society ensures true public safety for all Americans and most importantly, how white Americans perceive the burdens our society continues to place on people of color. 

We, at AZ Resistors can play a part in that process by adding our support to the Black Lives Matter movement and by demanding reforms and defunding of over-policing activities. We also need to take a good look at our own understanding of black lives and how our acceptance of white privileges damages all of us.  And we need to start now.  

America. What is it?

The success of the organized right, (Heritage, Cato, Freedomworks, American Enterprise, etc,.) in demonizing the American Government is stunning in several ways.

FIRST: “America” IS our government, plain and simple. The rule of law and the vast expensive machinery that makes it work (more or less) is run by the government.

SECOND: The evil government regulations, so maligned and hated by the right’s echo chamber and politicians, are likely responsible for you and/or a loved one still being alive to read this. Literally. Created and enforced by the… government.

THIRD: Our standard of living isn’t some lucky happenstance of having just the right mix of hard working ‘mericans (essentially all directly descended from immigrants I might add). It’s our government keeping the monopolies in-check, brave progressives in our recent past suffered greatly as they created unions which forced our government to make the wealthy, inherently greedy, corporations play fair with living wages, overtime, vacation and sick leave, etc,.

Our beloved Constitution (which is more than just the 2nd amendment by the way) is a founding document of, can you guess, our GOVERNMENT!

I could go on of course, but you get the idea.

Really, Russia couldn’t have done a better job of undermining our country than these guys have. But they’ve apparently been working on it.

For further reading: A Day in the Life of Joe Conservative is short and puts it another way.

Critical Information

The phrase “Must Read” has lost its meaning. In fact, it can indicate just the opposite. So, I’m looking for another way to get your attention. This article from the Guardian may be one of the most important of our time. Not exaggerating. Please stop what you’re doing and read it. It’s long, detailed, and scary as hell.

Brexit is in the article but that’s not all that it covers.

If you’re politically active, care about democracy, you need to understand what is happening. This is our watch. Things could change quickly.

The Guardian: How our democracy was hijacked

After you’ve read it consider these two new developments:

Congressman Snowflake (Schweikert) AZ CD6

The right can’t decide if liberal Democrats are fragile snowflakes or violent car torching radicals.

I guess they figure they have their bases covered either way.

I can almost accept the average intellectually lazy, gullible, Trump fanatic has to resort to pathetic name calling, but when a sitting United States Congressman slanders his constituents and fellow Americans with over-the-top violence inciting lies, that’s something we all need to address.

Here is a copy of his hysterical, alternative fact based mailer he just sent out to his supporters (I truly hope there are less supporters after they received this bizarre solicitation.)

Schweikert June 2017 mailer

I’m kind of bummed AZ Resistors didn’t make the cut. I’m going to have to speak to our “light cars on fire” committee chairperson to up our game!

Find out if this bottom feeding swamp dweller represents you by checking HERE.


Sam Harris Podcast – On Tyranny

If you hunger for in-depth, well informed, discussion concerning the political situation we find ourselves in as I do, then you might like THIS PODCAST #79 episode from neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author Sam Harris.

Sam interviews Yale professor and historian Timothy Snyder about his timely new book, On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century.

If the podcast catches your interest consider buying the book. It is a quick 128 page read.

Flake Town Hall Scheduled!

Save the date people and show up!

I’m already thinking up my questions: “After years of ignoring your constituents and working for corporate interests why would anyone vote for you in 2018?”

or, “After the 2018 election is over will you be seeking an honest job with any of the industries you currently work for?”

See you there people!  TOWN HALL INFO