Critical Information

The phrase “Must Read” has lost its meaning. In fact, it can indicate just the opposite. So, I’m looking for another way to get your attention. This article from the Guardian may be one of the most important of our time. Not exaggerating. Please stop what you’re doing and read it. It’s long, detailed, and scary as hell.

Brexit is in the article but that’s not all that it covers.

If you’re politically active, care about democracy, you need to understand what is happening. This is our watch. Things could change quickly.

The Guardian: How our democracy was hijacked

After you’ve read it consider these two new developments:

Flake Town Hall Scheduled!

Save the date people and show up!

I’m already thinking up my questions: “After years of ignoring your constituents and working for corporate interests why would anyone vote for you in 2018?”

or, “After the 2018 election is over will you be seeking an honest job with any of the industries you currently work for?”

See you there people!  TOWN HALL INFO