Congressman Snowflake (Schweikert) AZ CD6

The right can’t decide if liberal Democrats are fragile snowflakes or violent car torching radicals.

I guess they figure they have their bases covered either way.

I can almost accept the average intellectually lazy, gullible, Trump fanatic has to resort to pathetic name calling, but when a sitting United States Congressman slanders his constituents and fellow Americans with over-the-top violence inciting lies, that’s something we all need to address.

Here is a copy of his hysterical, alternative fact based mailer he just sent out to his supporters (I truly hope there are less supporters after they received this bizarre solicitation.)

Schweikert June 2017 mailer

I’m kind of bummed AZ Resistors didn’t make the cut. I’m going to have to speak to our “light cars on fire” committee chairperson to up our game!

Find out if this bottom feeding swamp dweller represents you by checking HERE.


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